Find The Perfect Domain Name With Names Build®

Find The Perfect Domain Name With Names Build®

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Names Build® is a tool specially developed by Centerzero Domains to help you find the domain names that you want to use in your business or any personal activity with one of the highest degrees of accuracy in terms of availability. With Names Build® almost all the names shown as available are ready to register or can be purchased through a bid. For every name searched, you will be suggested either the straight name that you are searching or alternatives that you can register instead. You can also register the domain name that you are looking for in all the new generic top level domains (“not com” domain extensions) available for registration. The registration fees for any new domain extension are shown on each available name displayed. You can select the domain names that you want to register and purchase them through Centerzero Domains immediately.

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Get a domain name that reflects who you really are, what you stand for and what your business is all about searching the domain name of you dreams with Names Build®

Welcome To A Hot Domains Club

Are you looking for a Domain Name extension for your social club, a nightclub or a fans club?

search and register the new dot club generic top level domain

A Dot Club domain extension may be the one you are looking for. The .club extension has been successful out of the box because “club” is a universal name that has many applications. The dot-club names, when paired with a familiar or popular name, can help gain search-engine attention quite easily. Dot club domain name extensions were early and one of first to come out with what was truly a multipurpose name. Club TLDs are accessible and very reasonably priced. Great names such as non brandable single words short names, three of four characters meaningful words and others similar to are still available for registration. Don’t miss this opportunity.
You can search and register this great new not com domain extension and over 800 new domain extensions at New gTLDs Store and start using them immediately.

visit the new not coms dot club

Some tips and suggestions if you want to search and register a domain name extension:
1) Still look for the traditional gTLDs such as dot com. If taken, then you may check availability among the new gTLDs (available options show up in our search tool at Remember you still have to make sure you are not cybersquatting under someone else’s name or violating any copyrights.
2) If you plan to register just for investment or to get a cool name for the future, search among non-brandable short words in combination with the newly announced domain extensions.
3) Single character (and up to three characters) name, maybe a valuable asset in the future. Don’t ask when, but meanwhile you need to keep paying the yearly renewal rates.
4) If any of the domain names you are using today for your personal business, blog, or any other contents you run, matches partially with a new domain extension, you may register a shorter name in combination with the domain extension. Let me give you an example: I own, so I decided to register and use for our blog. Seems to be working quite well for search engines.
5) If you run a virtual store or a business in NYC, London Tokyo or Berlin, go ahead and register your name today.
6) Some of the new gTLDs tell it all, so if you think you are sexy go ahead and register a dot sexy. If you feel you are a guru, got one too.
7) Call to action: your domain name in combination with the new selected gTLD makes a brandable “call to action” sentence.
8) Defensive registrations are dead unless you are a big Corp. You need a deep pocket to register and pay yearly registration feed for over one thousand domain names extensions.
9) General SEO rules also apply to new gTLDs. Your site’s content remains the most important qualifier to show up on top in search engines and keep using the power of socials networks.

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search and register the new generic top level domain names extensions with a 5% discount

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Not Com Money Is pleased to offer you the following high margin products and services ready to sell:

Exciting products and services mean increased revenue for you: Domains (Traditional Top Level Domains, Country Code Domains and the so called “Not Coms” that are part of the New Generic Top Level Domains Launched last year) , Hosting, Email and much more. You activate the products you want to sell, and we automatically offer those products to your customers. It’s easy!

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Many customers who buy a domain will want to take some time and build their own Web site. Cover their needs by offering an online click ‘n’ build program, photo album site, or a podcast or blog.
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We are pleased to offer the best Domains and Web Hosting reseller plans. Your can build your Domains Reseller Store in minutes, set up prices and margins to sell Domain Names Registrations and Transfers, Web Hosting Plans (from basic to dedicated hosting servers) and a lot of Domain related products that are the ideal complement to build a solid Domain Services and Internet Products offering for your customers (SSL Certificates, Web Design Tools, Search Engine Optimization Tools, Email Accounts and more). Now you can start your own e-business on the Internet and start earning money from home. Our Plans start at just $59.99.- Learn More

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Earn Money Online With Our Reseller Plans
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The top 10 new gTLDs: A great search tool

Start throwing the words and names that you have in mind to the new gTLDs before it’s too late

The following is a list of the most searched and registered new domain extensions (gTLDs). If you want to try and search new domains names just click on the domain extension that you would like to check and use our new search tool

New gTLDS: top 10 new domain extensions registrations

The Sale Ones Team.

Domain Auctions – Great Names For Sale

Cheap Domains

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Buy Registered Domain Names

Domain Auctions

Domains Listed At Go Daddy Auctions®

You can buy any of these preregistered Domain Names at Go Daddy Auctions®, a marketplace for domain name buyers and sellers.

By clicking on any of the links below (Go To Auction) you will be taken directly to the place to bid for the domain that you are interested to buy. Then follow directions to quote and buy. We will be removing names from this list when sold or add new ones. Good luck with your bidding!!

Domain Name Ask Auction Nbr $900 112385701 None 130460398 None 130460402 None 130460403 None 130460419 None 130460421 $999 131406408 $300 112282639 $999 131406410 $999 131406416 $9500 112282629 $300 112282631 None 130460424 None 130460426 $9999 131406431 None 130460428 $999 112282624 None 130460461

Register a .CLUB domain extension today

Register Your New GTLDS With The Best Domains Registrar Today Before It’s Too late

The following is a list of the available new domain extensions (GTLDS) by categories and number of available domain extensions:

Business(49), Commerce (85), Education (19), Food & Drink (28), Generic(42), Geographic(82), Government(7), Health(17), International(83), Industry (33), Lifestyle & Identity(122), Media(33), Money & Finance(43), Professional(32), Real Estate(29), Sport(37), Technology (83)
Would you like to register a new domain extension today, before it’s too late?…Great new domain extensions such as .Club, .Guru, .Luxury and hundreds more are already available fore registration or pre-registration. Click on this image and visit our New gTLDs Store. Try our new gtlds search tool and register your new domain extension today:

New Generic Topl Level Domains Registrations

Great Cheap Domains Offers at Sale Ones Hot Deals.

Get a 10% Discount In Domain Names, Web Hosting And More

10% Discount On Domain Names Registrations, Web Hosting, Email accounts, Website Builders and more

Sale Ones best discount deals

Get a 10% (ten percent) discount in domain names registrations, domain transfers, renewals, web hosting, website builder, email accounts and over 50 domain related products for a purchase of USD 100 or more at Centerzero Domains. Offer valid for product renewals with no limitations. Save this code: 100CN10 and just before placing your order, in your shopping cart type in this promo code and check for successful application of the code. Then place your order.

Search And Register New Generic Top Level Domains

Search And Register New Generic Top Level Domains – New gTLDs – with our new domains search tool

New gTLDS domains registrations

There are over 1,000 (yes over one thousand!!) new generic top level domain name extensions (known as gTLDs) already released and available for registration and over 300 to become available for registration during this year. The new internet era is going away from the traditional Dot Com to increase your chances of finding the domain name you’ve been looking for. We are pleased to offer you the best domain name search tool to help you find the perfect combination of domain name and domain extension. Searching and registering your domain name thru gives you a unique opportunity to register a name ideally suited for a blog, business, family, hobby, online store, etc. We’ve made things easy to help you find the right domain name/domain extension combination. Buying a new gTLD is a small initial investment that can be worth a lot of money in the years to come.

Search And Register Some Of The Top New GTLDs Registered In 2014/2015: xyz – club – berlin – house – guru – nyc – pictures – link – london – photography – email – today – company – property – website – rocks – tips – solutions – tokyo – center – expert – ninja – red – technology – help – directory – audio – sexy – agency – photos – click – international – gallery – academy – land – systems – diet – clothing – education – services Here at

New gTLDS registrations

The Sale Ones Team.